“In addition to having a perfect safety record,  we
utilize a safety program in which we perform random
drug screening for the safety and piece of mind of our
clients and employees. I believe our  safe practices to
be a key to our success.”

-Josh Manwaring

Diversification Is Our Expertise
Whether it’s your home, office, log cabin, rental property or
your parking structure Superior Coatings can settle all your
painting needs. We are experts at working in occupied spaces
and in providing exterior painting solutions with minimal
disruption to your business. We understand the unique
challenges that may arise and we are available 24 hours per
day, 7 days a week in an effort to accommodate to these
needs. We also maintain the latest equipment and attend
special training sessions to keep up to date on the newest
products and technologies available.

Property Management Solutions
We understand that rental property painting poses it’s own
unique challenges.  Our maintenance painting division has
developed long lasting, cost efficient techniques to keep your
rental property maintained for a fraction of the cost of our
competitors.  We utilize special products that are economically
priced while maintaining maximum durability.

Availability Is Essential
Usually painting projects must be completed in a certain time
frame and sometimes with little notice. This is why we already
have you scheduled.  We retain open days  in our near
schedule to assist you  at a moments notice.
3104 Connor St
Salt lake City, UT  84109

Phone: 801.652.4378
Fax: 801.906.8647